WEC Senegal...Reaching the 95

WEC in Senegal today is focusing more and more of its efforts into 'Reaching the 95'

That is to say the 95% of the 12 million population who are Muslims and are as yet unaware of the best news that is proclaimed in the Bible.

There are only approximately two thousand Senegalese who are followers of Jesus, and this after over 120 years of missionary activity.

With that reality in mind we are looking to welcome 'GROUND BREAKERS FOR THE GOSPEL'

The arid and hard spiritual landscape needs people to come prepared to break open the dry terrain, those who are prepared to live alongside the people, to share their lives and the word of God with the millions of people who have still not heard of the forgiveness and the hope that the Gospel of Jesus offers.

This largely Muslim population lives in a country which is proud of its 'Teranga' - this is a Wolof word which speaks of the welcome that is offered to visitors and strangers...so,...Yes! The doors to Senegal are OPEN.

... and we need young people with the spirit and call necessary to be GROUND BREAKERS FOR THE GOSPEL urgently.

... Young people who are willing to endure even when the ground is hard, to continue to trust God even when the spiritual atmosphere is arid, and to live as overcomers even when the task may not be easy).

God is refocusing our vision in an exciting way. The scale of the task could be daunting but we are conscious that God IS at work, His Spirit IS moving. Wouldn't it be great for YOU to be part of what God is in the process of doing here in Senegal?!

As Islam takes greater and greater hold of the hearts and minds of the Senegalese people the question is how long will there continue to be access to this country and to the hearts of this people? We don't know.

We need to make the most of TODAY TO 'Reach the 95'.

Are you ready to reach the 95 with us!!!?!?!?!?!??

Senegal needs GROUND BREAKERS with passion for Jesus Christ and love for the lost... and you can be part of that, we invite you to join us.

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