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 C.E. Group from Northen Ireland

005It was good to have the team from Northern Ireland with us during the month of August.  Using friendship evangelism, it was good to have input into young Senegalese lives up in the north of Senegal.

006 The team started off in Popenguine for some orientation.  One of the days was spent on the beach, working alongside some of our Senegalese brothers and sisters from our church, reaching out to the young people of the village. 

Then during our time up north, we were involved in a young people's club, cultural exchange and teaching some of the young folks how to play volleyball.  At the end of the week, the volleyball kit was donated to the Young's folks of the village.  The cultural exchange involved a Senegalese and Irish evenings and two midday meals with their respective hosts family.  An opportunity to share the love of Jesus with these families.

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cforhlogo_small1The Cycle for Hope -

The Ultimate Cycle - We will be facilitating this as in comes through Senegal.  Iain is currently working with the local churches from St Louis to Nioro to use this event to touch as many people as possible with the gospel.

The Cycle for Hope will begin in Tangiers, Morrocco on the 7th December 2009. The plan is to cycle the length of Africa, over 15,000km and through 17 different countries to arrive in Cape Town, South Africa on the 10th June 2010.

There will be a core group of 10 people who will be cycling for the whole 6 months but there is also a "Leg" (3rd Leg, of up to 8 people) who will be joining the core group as it travels from Dakar to Bissau.  For more information on the "Cycle for Hope" click here.


Ambassadors in Sport ais

We will be welcoming the Ambassadors in Sport team to the north of Senegal this time.  For the last 5 years we have been involved with AIS in the Ziguinchor and the Bissau area's.  So to maximise the impact of the "Cycle for Hope" coming through Senegal, we will be playing matches as a means of outreach to young people in the Thies, Fatick, Nioro, Mboure and Popenguine areas.  We plan to hold  coaching clinics and to enjoy a cultural exchange with our Senegalese friends.  We appreciate all the help we are getting from our Senegalese brothers in Christ and the local churches.  For more info' from their site click here.


Senegal Discovery from USA -

(May-Jul 2010)  Lookwebchurching for gifted musicians keen to work alongside and learn from Senegalese brothers and sisters in Christ.  There are two things the Senegalese love, their football and their music.  You could be in involved in, "learning Senegalese musical styles, songs, dance and instruments," "sharing in worship and music events with our christian brothers," just to name a couple of options open to you. 

For more information click here or if you want to contact us then click here