Alliance des Eglises Evangéliques au Sénégal  (AEES)


The AEES is the church alliance of the WEC related churches in Senegal. Its office and many of its national leaders are based in the Casamance. Youssouph Danfa is president of the association and he, like most of the staff, is a pastor and active leader in the lower Casamance area where he lives. web-aees-y--f


Francois Manga is deputy and he serves in the Boune Church near Dakar.


The AEES staff oversees the work and the co-ordination of all the WEC related churches and mission posts throughout Senegal. The office facilitates and develops basic Bible courses, training of pastors and youth workers, pastors’ retreats, conferences, projects to alleviate poverty and many activities related to evangelism and mission in Senegal.