· The first record of protestant missionary influence in Senegal was when a protestant French governor in the South of Senegal asked the Paris Missionary Society to send him a chaplain in 1862.

· A man called Louis Jacque was sent and a small team was built up. During 10 years of witness there were few results however there was much sickness and some of the team died. The first baptisms took place 11 years after Louis Jacque had arrived.

· In 1933 the Christian Missionary Alliance began a work in Senegal but moved on to Guinea Bissau handing over their work to the first WEC missionaries in Senegal in 1936.

· Other missions then followed... AOG, NTM etc.

· Today there are around 45 Mission agencies totalling 482 missionaries.

· Most evangelical missions and national churches are members of the Evangelical Fraternity of Senegal.

· WEC has 4 teams working in Senegal:

the Senegal River Valley team in Richard Toll and district along the Northern border. the Dakar team in the capital city the Fouladou team around the Velingara area in central Senegal. There used to be a large WEC team in the Casamance in the South of Senegal. However with the school for missionaries' children moving north and the churches becoming self governing there is no longer the same need for missionaries. Peter and Corinna Michel are the only WEC missionaries working with the church in this area now.  the School team at BCS (Bourofaye Christian School for missionaries' children) South of Dakar.